The Power of Collaboration: How IIG Companies Work Together to Maximize Value

3 July 2023

In the last two decades, businesses have changed and evolved with the advent of the Internet. Many new avenues of commerce have opened up to businesses, and advanced communication technologies enable corporations to manage various sectors through centralized leadership. Companies today no longer function in a single industry; instead, a culture of acquisition and integration has developed so businesses can access diverse avenues and industries. It is more important than ever for a competitive business to have its finger in many pies. Doing so allows for an approach that is not heavily reliant on a single division and diversifies the business portfolio. Such practices also allow collaboration and cooperation to utilize various assets to achieve a singular vision. 


The Innovative Investment Group (IIG) is an example of a Nepali corporation that has embodied this practice. IIG has adapted to the new trends in economic strategy in stride, and its various companies work together with synergy to maximize its outputs through a joint effort. The cross-functional integration of companies specializing in pivotal industries such as logistics, tech, investment, trading, production, and distribution allows IIG to have multi-disciplinary insight into the crucial aspects that influence the economy. This will enable them to navigate the waters of national and international trade with more ease and precision. 


However, involvement in multiple sectors and industries does not differentiate IIG from other companies. Their uniqueness and strength come from their ability to utilize their resources in each branch of function to strengthen their organization's core. This versatile approach incorporates the best parts of each sector to support each other, effectively working together to raise the value of all companies at once. 

The group of companies started as a single freight-forwarding operation and steadily developed its competence and expertise to ultimately create a dedicated group of sister firms under its umbrella. Each addition was strategically planned to complement the last; they are similar to the many pillars of the Pantheon supporting each other to form a formidable structure of an enterprise. The many companies of IIG, their services, and their contribution are as such:

India International Group Nepal: “Quality, Reliability and Negotiation”: 

The journey of IIG began with India International Group, a now veteran international freight forwarding company.

Over the years, the organization has become the authorized representative of many businesses in Nepal. The organization provides services like global freight management, in-country warehousing, distribution, and customs brokerage. The firm prides itself on having individual contacts with liners, allowing them to offer the best rates to its clients. India International is also adept at providing logistics consultancy to their clients, who can benefit from their Import and Export procedures know-how. Freight forwarding is an aspect of logistics that has to do with the management of the movement of cargo from one location to another, and you can rest assured that the ISO-certified company will be able to adhere to global standards when delivering your goods.

You can rely on India International Group Nepal for services like:

  • Rail Transport
  • Sea Cargo
  • Air Cargo
  • Inland Haulage
  • Shipment Insurance
  • Legal Security
  • Documentation Preparation
  • Selecting Transport Providers
  • Negotiating Freight Charges
  • Consolidating freight
  • Managing inventory during storage and transportation
  • Filing insurance claims for your cargo

Visit their website at:


SR Logistics: “All In” : 

Known for being a young and tenacious organization, SR Logistics provides solutions to all logistical needs. 

IIG added SR logistics to their roster to complement IIGN. Logistics is an overarching term that refers to all functions within the supply chain and is a more involved freight forwarding process.  The firm utilized its experience with freight forwarding as a building base to expand to an overall logistics solution provider. Doing so allowed the company to be involved in the supply chain in a larger capacity. The move to complement freight forwarding with a logistics company is an excellent example of forward linkage. 

The eager team of SR Logistics has cultivated a global reach and boasts in-depth knowledge of all inbound/outbound factors of logistics. SR Logistics boasts a deep network of customs brokers, custom clearance agents, shipping lines, and cargo haulers to ensure all your multi-modal transport needs are met with due diligence. The company is also at the forefront of the digitization and automation of logistics operations in Nepal. SR logistics are specialists in the processes of Air Freight, Sea Freight, and Inland Haulage. 

SR Logistics can offer you reliable services like:

  • Sea Shipment
  • Inland Haulage
  • Air Cargo
  • Project Shipments
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Inventory Management
  • Transport Insurance
  • Transportation of goods
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Disposal
  • Warehousing
  • Security for your cargo

For more information on SR Logistics, visit: 


Satya Laxmi Trading: “From Cargo to Logistics, Taxation, Finance and Everything”:

Cargo, Logistics, Taxation, Finance, and everything in between; Satyalaxmi is an endeavor to bring wealth and prosperity to their clients.

By utilizing the knowledge of the supply chain process and the extensive international network developed by the two companies, the budding corporation looked to integrate the finance and research sector to form a trading company that researches new products, studies potential markets, and deals with Importers of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR); Satya Laxmi Trading was the result. The company is open to entrepreneurs who can pitch their ideas to the company. If the prospects are promising, the organization helps incubate new businesses as investors. The organization has been working as a trading partner for globally renowned companies for decades and is sure to take any entrepreneur's novel endeavor to new heights. 

Satya Laxmi Trading offers services such as:

  • Finding sales agents for exporters
  • Finding buying agents for sellers
  • Acting as an exclusive distributor
  • Act as an intermediary for businesses willing to engage in foreign trade
  • Dynamic Trading

To learn more about Satya Laxmi, go to their website: 


Techart Trekkies: “We Create, We Serve, We Solve”:

Mixing technology with creativity, the Techart team marches ahead to strive for the peak of technological innovation.

The corporation next venture led them to the digital highway. As tech became a growing and necessary industry to stay relevant in modern commerce, the IIG institution set its sights on entering the IT sector. Navigating the roads of the digital world, Techart brings real-world solutions through high-tech means, examples of which include: e-commerce platforms, CRM and HRM applications, and graphics development. Imagine Inquiry Sys, a learning and school management software, and Impexo, a platform to optimize logistics operations, are some landmark achievements of Techart. The ISO-certified company can perform at a global standard and is a stellar option for multi-national corporations choosing to outsource IT-related departments.  

Techart's services include:

  • Website Development
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Domain & Hosting services
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Presence and Branding
  • UI/UX Design
  • Graphics Design Services

To contact Techart and inquire about their services, go to: 


Nepal Hygiene and Purity: “Locally Sourced Nepalese Products For You to Enjoy”:

Nepal Hygiene and Purity is a manufacturing and production-centric company that aims to bring Nepalese products to the forefront of international trade and commerce. 

An example of backward linkage; the firm then turned to produce Nepali goods that could be successfully distributed or delivered through their prowess in the supply chain. Focusing on organic and ethically sourced products, the FDA-approved organization seeks to expose unique products from Nepal to the global marketplace; and vice versa. Since the IIG corporation has departments devoted to freight forwarding and logistics, the various companies work together to supplement every aspect of their business.

To see what Nepal Hygiene and Purity has to offer, see: 


Together the five companies aim to optimize Nepal as an independent economic state, one characterized as having dependable domestic products and services supplied ethically and with a unique national identity. The companies hope to build a globally competitive conglomerate that will be the pride of Nepal, one that will boost the confidence of the Nepalese people as a commercial contributor to intercontinental wealth. Together the various companies of IIG are present in the logistics, technology, finance, investment, production, and distribution sectors. These cross-functional integration tactics have led the company to be involved in many diverse economic activities, adding value to its portfolio in many ways. The organization’s efforts to foster a collaborative network of companies have allowed them the capacity to “Turn ideas into Reality.”


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