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INNOVATIVE ideas with SYSTEMATIC approach

The concept of IIG is innovative and its method is systematic. IIG appreciates innovation. Following the assessment, they conduct an investigation, prepare an on-site report, and prepare a feasibility report that will be carried out by their team.


Innovative Investment Group is a company group that helps investors/innovative ideas to achieve financial goals with a diversified investment portfolio.

Welcome to Innovative Investment Group

Developing the capacity and communicate as a group of Companies

Innovative Investment Group is a company group that helps investors/innovative ideas to achieve financial goals with a diversified investment portfolio. They investigate and find potential investment markets, manage funds, and coordinate investments from third countries. In addition, the company not only invests, but also creates exchanges of market freshness/new ideas/concepts and connects them to regions around the world.

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We are committed to helping you succeed with your expansion, starting by providing you with the information needed to take an informed decision for your business and guiding you through the whole process of setting up your company here, launching and expanding in the market.

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Set up your company with IIG

We guide you towards the solutions that best suit your needs. We can assist you with setting up a company and show you how to achieve fast and reliable results.

Export from IIG

We help companies strengthen their own assets by ensuring that companies conduct market research, develop realistic financial plans, and ensure effective delivery practices.

Meet relevant contacts

We give companies the advantage of reaching out to government officials, service providers and potential partners and their willingness to provide assistance and cooperation.

IIG Support programmes

IIG includes numerous support measures and promotion opportunities covering the cycle from creation and incubation to success and acceleration. We can help you determine what suits you best and provide the right support.

Get in-depth, sector-specific information

IIG's experts can provide you with fast, reliable information on all aspects of doing business with innovative ideas as well as opportunities for your specific business sector.

Explore funding mechanisms and incentives

Our experts guide you to the most appropriate funding mechanisms according to your strategy and provide help with your application.

Experienced Innovative Investment

The investors are always informed about the successes of preliminary investments along with risk factors and provide opportunites to target new ideas.

Global market

IIG plans to cooperate with the global market to further develop the organization's capabilities and communicate as a group company.

Spread of investments, managed by professionals

IIG works with a team of experts to help you and your investment achieve more return opportunities, and minimize the risk of loss of the overall investment portfolio to prevent adverse market cycles.

Investment in innovation and profitability and growth

IIG places a high priority on innovation to encourage local businesses to work with knowledge providers and experts who value new ideas and concepts, rise to challenges and create a fundamentally stable course of action.


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IIG tests every innovative ideas with risk management, research and development and makes a feasibility report. While doing research on innovative projects or concepts, IIG will have a detailed communication in which it will also talk about ROI (Return of investment) which would be presented to potential investors.

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Innovative Investment Group can clearly look forward to the future because to its dynamism, experience in its chosen fields, a team of highly motivated employees, and forward-thinking management with a strong sense of ethics in its work culture.

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