About IIG

The motive behind the name of IIG is that they are a group It is not the company of a single person. IIG gives major priority to innovation. They come up with innovation.

Welcome to
Innovative Investment Group

Innovative Investment Group is the group of companies that helps investors/innovative ideas achieve financial goals with diversified portfolios.
We research and find the potential market to invest, manage funds, 3rd country people coordination for investment.
Besides, we not only invest but it also generates the area for brainstorm the fresh/new ideas/concept in the market and connects it globally.

Our Area of Expertise

  • Logistics Consultancy
  • Logistics Services
  • IT Services
  • Trading

IIG will become an umbrella company that combines innovative ideas with investment.

If the company invests in the person who proposed the concept, then through internal research, it will also look for investors who are willing to invest in IIG.

IIG will help all of its affiliates to develop the brand through direct or indirect marketing. Business associations may be interested not only in information technology, but also in logistics and pharmaceuticals, and they can find them all under one umbrella.

Therefore, considering all of these, IIG was chosen for direct marketing, for the convenience of card design and PR communication.

Talking to international investors, it may not be rewarding to do like a small company. However, if it proves to be an umbrella company, and among group of companies, investors may be interested in investing in companies that fit its philosophy and vision.

Innovation is a top priority for IIG. They come up with new ideas.

For innovation, IIG is responsible for risk management, research and development, and prepares a feasibility report, which is then only distributed to investors. The IIG concept is innovative and its method is systematic. IIG appreciates innovation. Following the assessment, they conduct an investigation, prepare an on-site report, and prepare a feasibility report to be carried out by their team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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