From Idea to Reality: The Story of the Innovative Investment Group

3 July 2023

From Idea to Reality: The Story of the Innovative Investment Group

The Innovative Investment group consists of five companies that work together to enhance business operations in various sectors such as; logistics, freight-forwarding, technology & software development, digital marketing, design, trading, manufacturing, and investment.  In addition, IIG companies also endeavor to act as a company that utilizes its vast network to connect businesses with essential persons in various industries to help them develop long and fruitful relationships and enhance the national economy. The numerous companies within IIG function as a family and support each other to reach newer heights and maximize value.  Together they aim to benefit their clients and everyone within their network. 


Born from the idea of evolution and progress, the Innovative Investment Group (IIG) is a group of companies that prioritizes growth by exploring innovative concepts. Led by the charismatic and radiant Mr. Sanjeev Mainaly, IIG aims to modernize all aspects of business in Nepal through novel methods and by incorporating the best practices used by the most exceptional companies in every nation. Implementation backed by research is the driving force behind the companies within  IIG, and it aims to identify new opportunities to achieve unprecedented success. 


Mr. Mainaly spent seven years in the UK for his education, five of which (2004 - 2009) were spent as a consultant and university representative. One of six siblings who were all working abroad, he returned to Nepal after his parents expressed that they regretted not having any of their children with them. Despite having a promising career ahead of him, he returned to the delight of his parents. Looking for a way to keep himself busy, he started working as a freelancer for a logistics company, where he picked up the tricks of the trade. His next opportunity came when a friend asked him for help delivering hydropower turbines for Rairang Hydropower in Dhading.  While helping his friend bring these turbines from Kolkata, he identified the numerous flaws and competency gaps in the Nepali industry. Since then, he has been working earnestly to reduce them.  The rest, as they say, is history. Subsequently, he has commanded immense respect from the logistics sector and is a known player in the industry.


While he rose to national and international success, he developed a vision for Nepali companies that few before he had dared to have. Noticing that the rule of law was abysmal in Nepal, the overwhelming power of outside forces in the local industry, and the rampant corruption leading to revenue loss in the nation,  he aimed to create an environment of systematic and lawful environment for business processes. His vision is to create an atmosphere of accountability and independence so Nepalese companies have an identity of their own in international trade. To do this, he founded IIG, which aims to create a unique conglomerate globally active in the Services, Industry, and Trading sectors. 


Mr. Mainaly went on to recruit a group of proficient professionals who went on to form the strong leadership of the group IIG companies and are currently known in the economic circles of Nepal as being true savants in their field. Ms.Sameen Poudel, the director of communications and human resources, is known to have excellent business acumen and was a central figure during the Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign. Her sharp attention to detail and versatility are second to none. Mrs. Azzeta Karmacharya, the director of technology, is a young maverick in the field of technology who has risen steadily in the industry. She is known for her unwavering dedication and astute insight to develop technological solutions to the various issues faced in the Nepali business world. Ms. Preeti Ale, the director of strategic management, is known for her keen professionalism and has become a respected authority in the world of logistics in a short time. Her devotion to excellence drives the company forward by holding the IIG employees to a high standard. The pragmatic leadership of Mr. Sanjeev Mainaly brings this group of outstanding professionals together. 


Brought together by this group of committed experts that Nepal has to offer and the vision of their elegant leader, the four companies of IIG are as follows: India International Group Nepal, SR Logistics, Satya Laxmi Trading, Techart Trekkies, and Nepal Hygiene and Purity. Each company functions in an individual industry and achieves results through a culture of collaboration and synergy. The group of companies works with the vision of bringing “Ideas to Reality.”

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